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The child in his first year in school will learn to express himself in simple English, to mix freely with other children and to give and take which is so important in life. Through imitation and repetition and Play Way Method, he will acquire much knowledge. He will learn:
1. To recite Nursery Rhymes and sing simple children’s songs.
2. To recite the Alphabet and recognize the capital (upper case) letters
3. To count from 1 to 20 and recognize numbers from 1 to 10
4. To enjoy activities such as dancing, acting out Rhymes, drawing and colouring, painting and craft which will develop his creative skills.


The Upper Kindergarten student is prepared for the 1st standard. The child is able to express himself, understand and converse fluently in English. He will learn to read and spell three and four letter words and simple sentences with the help of Phonetics. He will also learn to write the upper case and lower case letters and sentences in the cursive writing. He will be able to count from 1 to 100 and recognize these numbers. He will spell the number names from 1 to 20. He will be able to write the numbers in ascending/descending order, before and after, >, < or =, missing numbers in sequence, simple addition and subtraction of one digit numbers. In addition he will learn the Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Columns, Shapes, Coins, answers to general questions pertaining to his immediate environment, Nursery Rhymes, Picture reading, observation, visual discrimination , matching like figures, classification, following directions and story building. He will also be taught drawing, painting craft, singing, speech training, dramatics eurhythmics and games – the aim being his all around development.

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