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School Uniform

On school days and for school functions each boy must wear the school uniform : a light beige shirt, with a school badge and dark beige shorts. For the correct colour of the shirt, shorts and scoks, check the samples on the notice board.

Pure Terelene uniforms are not allowed. Terrycot uniforms are preferred, though full cotton uniforms are also allowed. Some boys/parents still go to any local shop to buy the uniform cloth. Some shop-keepers palm off any materials so long as their cloth is sold. They sometimes wrongly maintain that theirs is the right material. As a result some boys wear the wrong uniform, therefore, proper care must be taken when buying all uniform material. Please instruct the tailor not to stitch any pleats on the shirts and not to make loose, baggy sleeves. The pants may have only two pleats, and may not be loose or baggy.

If a belt is needed, then only one inch brown belts may be used. They should be plain and not decorated/fancy.

In addition each boy from class V to XII must have his P.T. uniform shorts and singlet.

The socks should be brown. For the correct shade of brown check the sample on the notice board, near the school bookstall. The shoes should be plain brown round toe, laced leather shoes with no pattern or design on top. The soles of the shoes may be leather or rubber, provided they are brown. Slip on shoes are not allowed. During the monsoon brown rain shoes may be worn on rainy days.

Brown sweaters with gold lining are compulsory (even for Std XI and XII). No other sweaters or jackets will be permitted for all classes. Home made sweaters, with different cuts, are not permitted.

A boy must not come to school without wearing the school uniform. If for some reason a boy has no uniform, he should bring a note of excuse from his parents/ guardians.

Hair should be cut short. Long hair is not permitted for hygenic reasons and also because such fashions are not encouraged in the school.

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