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1867… A Journey Begins!

Pune. Circa 1867.

A bungalow in Pune Camp owned by one, Mr. A. J. Cooke. Members of the Vincent de Paul Society are looking for space to start a school. Providence play its role and leads the members of the Society to Mr. A. J. Cooke. Mr. Cooke magnanimously vacates his bungalow and leases it to them for a monthly sum of fifty rupees. A princely sum 150 years ago. And thus was born the St. Vincent’s School!

Quickly, four Jesuit priests are sent to Pune to run the school. Five students sign up as the first students. Humble, modest beginnings… But St. Vincent’s School was well and truly on its way to its date with greatness.

Today, 150 years later, St. Vincent’s proudly stands testimony to the hard work of its founding fathers, the support of its students and benefactors, and the rich tradition of superlative values imparted in its hallowed halls.

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