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Principal's Permission

The Principals permission is required

  •  to make a collection for any purpose whetever;

  •  to arrange for a party, picnic, excursion / outing/camp or meeting;

  •  to join a sports-meet or play in a game not arranged by the school;

  •  to give presents to teachers or to stage demonstrations in their honour;

  •  to bring books, periodicals or newspapers into the school premises;

  •  to impose fines;

Parents are reminded that engaging private tutors for their children may prove injurious to solid work and progress in studies. Hence no boy make take tuition in any subject without consulting the Principal and obtaining his written permission in the calendar.

Parents / guardians should bring any complaints they may have to the Principal, and not to the teachers.

Parents / guardians and others may not go the class to see the boys orany teachers during school hours, without the permission of the Principal. This permission will be granted rarely and only in exceptional cases. As members of the staff should be met only when they are not actually teaching, an appointment with them should be made beforehand.

When writing to the principal, parents are requested to mention the standard and division in which their son is studying along with computer code number. They are requested to inform the school immediately about the change of address or telephone number. The address details can also be changed by logging onto vincents online section of our website.

The Principal is available between 9:15 and 10:00 a.m on all school days or by special appointment (Morning school 8:40 - 9:00 a.m).

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