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  • The Tuition fees for june and the first term fees must be paid before the end of May.
    This applies even to those who are seeking financial assistance from the school. Those in receipt of Government Concessions are promoted to the next higher class need not pay fees.

  • Fees will be paid thorugh the South Indian Bank. Fee bills will be available online which parents can print form the website and pay to the bank by cash.

  • Where possible, parents are requested to pay fees in advance for six months or a year. If the fees for the month are not paid before 10th of the month, the boy is liable to be sent home. If fees cannot be paid in time the Principal's or Vice Principal's permission must be obtained in writing. Please state in your application when you will be able to pay the fees. If the fees, are not paid within 2 months the name will be struck off the rolls.

Free Education In Secondary School

Free education has been introduced for Std. V-X. Under this scheme, tuition fees, term fees and admission fees are exempted.

  1. In accordance with this Government policy, the benefit of this concession is given upto three children of the family. The fourth and subsequent children born after 16th August 1968 will not be eligible for this concession.

  2. This concession is given to children whose parents are residents of Maharastra State for at least 15 years.

  3. In case of boys who fail to pass in any year the concession of free education will be withdrawn for that year. After the boy passes and is promoted to a higher standard, the concession will be resumed.

  4. In case of late admission of pupils, the fees from the beginning of the first term shall be paid by the pupils under the fees for the period before admission has been paid to some other school. Computer education is also given at St. Vincent's fro which a separate fee is charged.

Freeships and Reductions

Government grants freeship to certain categories like B.C, S.P.C. etc. Those entitled to these freeships should apply in the prescribed form through the school within a fortnight of opening of the school. A few details about the Concessions are given below. For more details please contact the office.

E.B.C. is granted to those Junior College students whose parent' total annual income from all sources was Rs. 15,000/- or below for the last financial year. Its is also granted to children of State Govt. Servants and Local Body Servants (here only basic pay is taken into consideration).

P.T.C. is granted to Secondary section or junior college children whose any one parent is a teacher in a recognised and aided Primary School.

S.P.C is granted to Primary, Secondary Section and Junior College students whose fathers are members of the Defence service Personnel of the rank of Combatant, J.C.O's and N.C.O's or members of Maharastra State Police force deputed for service in all different operational areas of the country.

B.C. is granted to Primary/Secondary section and Junior College students who come under the categories of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes (caste basis).

Parents who belong to the Secondary Teaching and non-teaching staff of Non-Govt, Secondary/ schools are eligible to apply for Free-studentship for their sons in Stds V-XII.

The Government requires that all other students should pay fees. However, the management provides financial assistance to really needy and deserving Primary School pupils to pay their fees.

  • Boys who fail are not granted any financial assistance.

  • Financial assistance is granted for one year only and must be renewed every year.

  • Application forms for financial assistance will be available early in june and the completed forms must be returned to the office by the end of june.

  • A boy who is granted financial assistsnce must give satisfaction in conduct, application and attendance and should show good progress in examinations. Boys granted assistance are liable to lose it, if they do not show satisfactory progress in the Terminal Examination. The financial assistance will be cancelled if the amount due is not paid in time.

  • A new boy is generally not granted any assistance in Fees during the first year. Should assistance be necessary it must be sanctioned before admission.
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