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Associated Organisations

The various organisations associated with the school which help to make it a better place...

V.O.B.A (Vincent's Old Boys Association)

The Vincent's Old Boy's Association, is dedicated to fostering a sense of pride, community and continuity among former students of St. Vincent High School, Pune, India.

Anyone who attended St. Vincent High School, Pune, for at least one year can be a member. (Membership Form)

The Association aims at providing networking and social opportunities for its members. Through mentoring, through support of the school system, and through scholarship programs, the Association would like to enrich the experience of students currently enrolled in St. Vincent's School, Pune.

P.T.A Parents Teachers Association 2015-16

Here you will find information on the P.T.A or the Parents Teachers Association, its members and work done by them.

eGroup (Online Community For Vincentians)

The St. vincent's eGroup or the online community of vincentians, where past or present Vincentians can join and comunicate with each other or have a discussion upon.

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