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Rules to be borne in mind by parents and pupils as laid down in the Secondary School Code (1979) Rule 56.

1. Pupils should realize that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behavior outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the school on the part of pupils shall make them liable to disciplinary action.

2. Parents/guardians are given to understand that they cannot dictate to the management and that the management has a right to decide on what conditions they will admit or retain students in their school, provided such conditions are in conformity with the Grant-in-Aid code and the instruction issued by the Department of Education.

3. Students should not take part in any political activity.

4. Irregular attendance, unsatisfactory application to studies, persistent insubordination, disobedience, objectionable moral influence and unsatisfactory conduct, or acts of serious indiscipline in and out of school justify suspension or dismissal of a boy.

5.Regularity, implicit obedience, politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct should be inculcated.


General Rules to be noted.

1.  No leave of absence is granted except on previous written application from parents/guardian only for serious valid reasons. Boys who absent themselves without parent`s knowledge will be liable to disciplinary action.

2.  Leave during school days will not be given for more than three days at a time, except incase of serious illness or death in a family. Religious pilgrimage to be planned in holidays.

3.  Absence without leave renders a boy liable to a fine. Such absence before or after holidays renders a boy liable to be struck off the rolls.

4.  Principal to be informed if a boy absent due to illness for more than three days. A formal note and medical certificate to be handed on his return. Non – Christians will be allowed Sectional Holidays pertaining to their creed only on the strength of written application from parents.

5.  A student who is found to have damaged anything within the school premises must make good the damage.

6.  No boy is allowed to enter the school premises driving a car or riding a motor-cycle , scooter or scooterette even though they have a driving license.

7.  No student is allowed to remain in the classroom during P.T periods or recess.

8.  Pink cards will be issued to a boy for a serious fault. A grey card for a very serious fault and is likely to be dismissed if he gets two grey cards.

9.  Principal`s permission required for…..

a. To make a collection for any purpose whatever.
b. To arrange for a party, picnic, excursion/camp or meeting.
c. To join a sports-meet or play in a game not arranged by the school.
d. To bring books, periodicals or newspapers , movie CD etc into school premises.
e. To impose fines.
f. Boys may celebrate their birthdays in a modest way. Only by distributing small chocolates. Organising party in the class for the same is strictly           forbidden.
g. No pupil must take tuition from any of the school staff without written permission .

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